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New and Used Cargo Containers in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX & Seattle, WA

EMS is a significant seller and renter of new and used portable storage containers for any and all purposes. We specialize in cargo worthy equipment for use of project cargoes, one-way shipments and shipper-owned containers. However, we also market storage containers for sale for domestic storage and personal use.

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Equipment Management Services (EMS) operates independent, off-dock container facilities in Houston TX; Dallas, TX; and Seattle, WA. Our terminals provide services to the marine transportation industry and many other individual and industrial clients. Our client list includes many of the world’s largest container leasing companies and shipping lines. We are well positioned to continue our active participation in the servicing of the world’s population of containers—now in excess of 32,000,000.

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We carry metal storage containers and cargo containers for sale. Call now to learn more!

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EMS serves the maritime industry by providing storage and shipping containers for sale or lease. We have facilities in Houston, Dallas and Seattle.

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From metal storage containers to custom modified containers, we have what you need at a reasonable rate.

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